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Hello! I'm Emily!

I am a creative heart, given to me by my mother &

I am a mother to a spunky little Olive. 

I'm a little different than your average. I have peach colored hair, I live in my heart sunglasses, and my septum ring is my forever accessory. 

I'm from Houston, Tx. 


I started photography shortly after I had my daughter. I found that I felt lost in this new role of motherhood, which I loved, but it was a hard transition. From boobs getting chewed on, no sleeping, the constant worry when your newborn is FINALLY asleep while you look over every 2 seconds to watch their chest, and the clothes not fitting. I turned to photography. I wanted to empower and remind women that even though it was a hard struggle, you are still beautiful and just as magical, if not more, even if you aren't feeling like it. 


So, I started boudoir & WOW. I never knew how much happiness that could bring. I was totally inspired. 


I have also found a deep passion for documenting love in all forms. During my session, I want genuine laughter & connection. I think creating a memorable time for people is much more significant than asking to stand, smile, pose, and all that. I want my sessions to OOOOOZZZZE that good ole emotion. 


Each session of mine is different because I want our session to be personalble to you. I want your thoughts & ideas because it is a collaboration between you and me.




Photography has changed my life. I used to have some sorts of social anxiety, especially when it was one-on-one with new people. But this has brought me out of my shell so much. I love meeting new people & I am so grateful for the relationships I have gained from this adventure. I usually walk away from a session feeling like I just got done hanging out with one of my BFFs, and

I cannot even believe this is what I get to call work.


I would not be where I am today without the support I have from friends & family. I have the most supportive husband that literally just tells me to go for it every time I have an idea. Every time I leave for a session, he says, "Remember, take your time. Don't rush; you got it. " My parents are my number one fans. My mom was a photographer & I spent MANY MANY hours with her in her studio, she always sees a little bit of herself in my work. My dad is the best supporter in general but he's always wanting to see what I've done and never lets me belittle my success. I also have the BEST of friends who cheer me on all the way & tell me to keep going. Chelsea & Jordan, if you are reading this, THANK YOU & I love you. I also created this beyond inspiring and an amazing group of women who are empowering, supportive, and just straight up the most freakin' BADASS BABES of all time & I am so thankful for them. 

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Let's talk! 

Webster, Tx


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