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Wanna be a House of Hangs Brand Rep.? 

Hey hey hey!!!

House of Hangs is on the prowl to possibly add some babes into the current brand rep. group.

What is a brand rep?

I created this group for multiple reasons. One of them being to represent House of Hangs Photo. & what that means is to advertise, post, share, and make it be known that you lurrrrrrv House of Hangs! Another reason, is to create a badass group of women and bring them together to show love, support, and empowerment to one another. I am proud to say that the ladies that are currently in the group show each other so much support and encouragement. We like to spend most of our group shoots saying "YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS GET IT GIIIIRRRRRLL" 

We all love each other and we are just a bunch of women empowering one another.

And lastly, one of the biggest reasons is because I want House of Hangs to represent ALL WOMEN. All colors, all shapes, every size, different styles, and all that jazz. I want every women to feel worthy and be able to relate to the person in the picture. 

What is a brand rep. required to do?

A brand rep should be actively posting and sharing anything important to House of Hangs. This does not mean you must change your entire social media life but advertising is a must. I occasionally ask to share giveaway posts or minis. It is also required to ALWAYS tag House of Hangs when posting pictures taken by House of Hangs. We do have group shoots and individual shoots. Group is required while individual is not always (there will be more details on that when the search is completed). Last but most importantly, a brand rep. is required to be respectful to not only the women within the group but ALL people you come into contact with. House of Hangs only wants to represent people who support, empower, respect, and love one another.

What does a brand rep. get?

Besides hanging with some bad babes from time to time and being in an awesome support group. You'll get some free shoots! Sometimes I have a vision and I throw it out there, whoever wants to do it gets it! Sometimes the brand reps have ideas of their own that I think would be awesome and we do that! It could be a great creative outlet for you. Oh, and you get a 20% off discount on booked shoots. Yes, that's right, free shoots and 20% discount. 

IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO, FILL OUT THE APPLICATION BELOW! Even if you kinda want to do it but your nervous and not quite sure. DO IT ANYWAYS.

***You do not have to have a huge social media following.***



Apply for House of Hangs Brand Rep.